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 投稿者:kojiメール  投稿日:2003年 4月12日(土)20時47分15秒
Hello everyone.

Hope that everyone is just fine and alive hehe.
It's just getting warmer and the job is getting bored.

Well the world is getting damn crazy. Friend of mine at HK got the serious disease SARS or something but he said it is fine. My friend at Turkey said the war is the most lidicurous thing in this world. He was actually in the army and saw some fights.

I am not supposed to take any political position and talk about it right here but I dont know if releasing people in Iraq is very good for them bacause the war forced it. This makes my friend cry and I dont want to see any body dying on TV.

But even though the sadness covers this world let's get positive. I heard that being positive is the first step to make ideal things you know. So I do not mean to let us forget about the war but it is just to give your friends smiles and someday it's gonna spead out in this world I suppose.

So take care guys. Spring is just around the corner.
Best regards

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