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long time no write and nobody wrote...

 投稿者:Kojiメール  投稿日:2002年 4月30日(火)02時04分12秒
  hey how are you?
This is a serious problem. Nobody wrote...none!! what is going on with all?? Oh right i wasn't paying attention to this but hoped somebody did.

Well we got the winter left behind cherry blossoms and the summer is just up around the corner anyway. I dont have any good news except that I got DSL and am connected to the whole bunch of free things.

Well i hope 40 and some current TAs are in charge of announcing about this BBC..? BCC? whatever. oh one more thing! My small and tiny tiny brother came to Kanto area for study of Biz. I might take him up there if he wants to do so.

Okay gotta go.
have fun and see ya later.


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