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I guess......

 投稿者:koji  投稿日:2001年 9月20日(木)16時31分49秒
  I just figure out that we are supposed to be ready for things. For example there was time lag of crime between Japan and US which was 5 years when I was kid. Oum-cult-group did kind of destructive revolution in 1995 but in US the silimar thing happened in 1992. The time difference is getting closer right now. It's 2 or 3 years difference in 1995. At present it's supposed to be shorter so that that kind of things could happen in Japan. This is the matter of time. If you think that I am sorta pessimist just do it. This is not other country's accident but one of our posibilities. I know everyone knows but anyone doesn't want to realize huh? Neither do I. I just wanna warn for just in a case.

Also in Japan kids in schools are driving crazy. Bombing happened in Shinjyuku. The strange diseases are scarying us. Disastors aredestroying Japan. banks are running out of money. Police is doing corruption. People are very skeptical. Man just stay cool.

I just hope that everything is going better than expected.

I am doing very fine anyway. As a director of marketing my work is nice and Here's almost the end of fall. I just miss Kurigohan.

So please take care of you and try surviving whatever you do.

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