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what's goin on?

 投稿者:Kojiメール  投稿日:2001年 5月11日(金)15時26分13秒
  hi hello how have you been??

well now I am now in Berkeley CA as some of you guys know (actually I am wondering how many people are checking this BBC). The school starts from the next Monday and I am so excited to going there 'cause I am going to learn new things and meet new people. Actually now I have nothing to do at home. I don't have any friends here and any relatives in CA now. Kinda bored but will be fine or....tired of lots homework and projects.....never mind!

We are now out of electric power in CA. If you save energy a big supermarket Safeway is going to give you gifts or something like that. Actually I don't know 'cause I heard that from my landlord but it sounds weird...

have a good one and see you on the net


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