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 投稿者:Take  投稿日:2012年 1月31日(火)01時50分54秒
  It's been a long time since the last one wrote a article.
I am a student in Musashi university and join english jam and mitc
I would like to contact to senior menbers in Musashi sometime.
So, please write anything again here, should you see this site.

First visit

 投稿者:Zo (加藤純一)B99 Generationメール  投稿日:2005年 2月 1日(火)18時54分10秒
  Seems like the standard langugae here is English.

My first visit to this site.

My name is Zo (B99) a past gakugei student Enlgish major. Some of the visitors of this site may know me I was a first year student when Kaoru was the chief of the 37th K.
Times are changing ...

Any way here now i am in my work place which is a private school in Kunitachi-shi.
Never been to MITC but joined Kitc quite a few times.

Just wanted to tell some of those who know me that I am still ALIVE!!

Am happy if you could remember me and sya things like "Ah--- Zo yeah... Zo there was such a guy...  Good old days..."

Bye! my Senpais!!



 投稿者:kojiメール  投稿日:2003年 4月12日(土)20時47分15秒
Hello everyone.

Hope that everyone is just fine and alive hehe.
It's just getting warmer and the job is getting bored.

Well the world is getting damn crazy. Friend of mine at HK got the serious disease SARS or something but he said it is fine. My friend at Turkey said the war is the most lidicurous thing in this world. He was actually in the army and saw some fights.

I am not supposed to take any political position and talk about it right here but I dont know if releasing people in Iraq is very good for them bacause the war forced it. This makes my friend cry and I dont want to see any body dying on TV.

But even though the sadness covers this world let's get positive. I heard that being positive is the first step to make ideal things you know. So I do not mean to let us forget about the war but it is just to give your friends smiles and someday it's gonna spead out in this world I suppose.

So take care guys. Spring is just around the corner.
Best regards

Yes that's true. Sorry Kiyoko

 投稿者:James  投稿日:2003年 1月 6日(月)10時47分52秒
  A Happy New Year for all.

As Kiyoko reported we had a reunion yesterday in Shinjuku.
It was a pleasant time indeed despite the cold weather.

I'm terribly sorry for my mistake. What a shame.
What is your plan this year? Some changes?

Come here and share your experience. Keep coming
and using this site. Thanks James



M New year meeting with James

 投稿者:Kiyoko  投稿日:2003年 1月 6日(月)10時03分12秒
  Hellohow are you?
I met many MITC members yesterday at Shinjuku and I had a nice time with my
friends. We invited James because he became a father for his daughter.
The leader was Alisha but unfortunately she could not come she have got a cold
unfortunately. But it was a nice time to talk with old members.

James sent me a New year's postcard and he wrote "How was Hong Kong?"
He mistook because the person who went there is not mebut Kyoko!

I hope you all have a good year.

Take care!

Hong Kong

 投稿者:Kyoko  投稿日:2002年12月28日(土)19時40分4秒
  Hi!This is Kyoko writing.
I'm sorry that I couldn't write so long time.
I'll go to Hong Kong for seeing the old year out and the New Year's Eve.
Hong Kong is famous about night view.
So I'm looking forward to seeing it.
I went there last summer.

I wish you a happy new year!

merry Christmas and happy New Year

 投稿者:Koji  投稿日:2002年12月24日(火)00時05分46秒
  Hey what's up?

Couples of days ago I went to Ejam party and met james. He didn't change a lot but seemed to get younger.....anyway we talked about his baby. I was too busy to email for my relatives...even for my family. (maybe I might be lazy) So i didn't have chance to say hi to him. He said his baby is now fine.

At that time james said "BBS is dead right now". "Yeah I didn't write these days" Damn right. I didn't come here for......more than 6 months. That's why I checked now and am leaving some messages for everyone. (but i dun know how many people are watching this.) hehe

In this year for me it's been the hardest and worst year in my life. Many bad things happened to me but I appreciate that. cuz I got some bad happenings that I got experience. (I do not believe some religious god but) my god gave me some trial and I could make it my good experience.

So how was yours? How did you live? What did you think? Let's share.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


 投稿者:kiyoko  投稿日:2002年 5月 1日(水)13時03分7秒
  HelloKojihow are you?
I just check this BBS today though I do not check it often and finally you wrote some! So I am so happy to see your new message. Thank you.
Do you have a "tiny" brother? What do you mean?
I have to go back working.
If you have timelet's talk sometimes.

Take care.

long time no write and nobody wrote...

 投稿者:Kojiメール  投稿日:2002年 4月30日(火)02時04分12秒
  hey how are you?
This is a serious problem. Nobody wrote...none!! what is going on with all?? Oh right i wasn't paying attention to this but hoped somebody did.

Well we got the winter left behind cherry blossoms and the summer is just up around the corner anyway. I dont have any good news except that I got DSL and am connected to the whole bunch of free things.

Well i hope 40 and some current TAs are in charge of announcing about this BBC..? BCC? whatever. oh one more thing! My small and tiny tiny brother came to Kanto area for study of Biz. I might take him up there if he wants to do so.

Okay gotta go.
have fun and see ya later.


I guess......

 投稿者:koji  投稿日:2001年 9月20日(木)16時31分49秒
  I just figure out that we are supposed to be ready for things. For example there was time lag of crime between Japan and US which was 5 years when I was kid. Oum-cult-group did kind of destructive revolution in 1995 but in US the silimar thing happened in 1992. The time difference is getting closer right now. It's 2 or 3 years difference in 1995. At present it's supposed to be shorter so that that kind of things could happen in Japan. This is the matter of time. If you think that I am sorta pessimist just do it. This is not other country's accident but one of our posibilities. I know everyone knows but anyone doesn't want to realize huh? Neither do I. I just wanna warn for just in a case.

Also in Japan kids in schools are driving crazy. Bombing happened in Shinjyuku. The strange diseases are scarying us. Disastors aredestroying Japan. banks are running out of money. Police is doing corruption. People are very skeptical. Man just stay cool.

I just hope that everything is going better than expected.

I am doing very fine anyway. As a director of marketing my work is nice and Here's almost the end of fall. I just miss Kurigohan.

So please take care of you and try surviving whatever you do.

How are you?

 投稿者:kiyoko  投稿日:2001年 9月13日(木)13時05分21秒
  Hellothere.How are you?
I was so shocked regarding the terrorism. I am so happy to hear you are okay.
Please take care of yourself very much.
Now our flight to deliver items to Phillipines is still holdit is scheduled
on Sep.15 because of this terro. This is beyond our control.

Anywaytake care!


it's okay so far

 投稿者:koji  投稿日:2001年 9月12日(水)23時50分38秒

thank you for your asking us about it. I am fine right now but everything is still stacked. I guess Yusuke is fine too.

We are supposed to survive even if the war were happening to us. Everyone has realized that the war might come with but doesn't want. Just in a case if it seems like coming to me I will get out of here as soon as possible.

thanks anyway.


 投稿者:Atsushi  投稿日:2001年 9月12日(水)15時26分27秒
  Koji & Yusuke
I hope everything's okay with you. Please take care.
I can't believe what's happening in the US...

Nice to meet you!

 投稿者:Yusukeメール  投稿日:2001年 8月29日(水)10時51分54秒
  How are you doing everyone?? This is Yusuke writing.
I'm not sure how many people of you know me. Today let me introduce myself: I'm sophomore in Musashi university and involved in MITC and E-JAM. Now I'm in OHIO university as exchange student of Musashi university's program. I will spend about one year at OHIO from now on. I gotta go out computer lab closes soon.
See you later.


 投稿者:Koji  投稿日:2001年 8月11日(土)14時51分7秒
  Hi how are you doing?
I am going to take internship in this area called Bay Area. The company is dot-com company and what i am going to do is just researching which is considered as boring things. But this is okay because I don't have any working experience and researching is the first thing in order to be a manager. In terms of marketing I think I know pretty much but I need to challenge and apply in real buz.

If possible I would like to take a job opportunity here in US but it is not clear. Who knows? I guess that there are better opportunities in Japan but first of all I need to take a rest. Due to the school it is so busy that I couldn't come and write in this board.

Anyway I saw Rush Hour 2. Actually it was not so good movie but really funny and interesting to evryone. Even though you don't like silly movies you gotta see this. This is just funny. Also The Score (I think it's coming to japan in fall) is cool.

Okay gotta sleep. I played tennis today and fell tired right now.

Have a good summer.

Friday the 13th

 投稿者:kiyoko  投稿日:2001年 7月13日(金)16時07分22秒
  Hellohow are you?
Some says today is unlucky day"Friday the 13th".
I have thought that it is the story from Europe or USA.
However I heard chinese people also belive that.
Thenmy partner who exchanges the info.saystoday is unlucky day for me.
When she reached the buildingso many people was waiting for the elevator.
So her office is 11F and she wanted to get off there but she had to go to 19F
and she had to walk down the stare to the 11F. When she reached the office
the aircon didn't work during this morning.It was very hot because she is in

How about you ?
If you have something happenedlet me know !
See you.

Film I watched

 投稿者:Kiyoko  投稿日:2001年 6月11日(月)13時25分38秒

It sounds interesting regarding Japanese culture and business.
It must be difficult to solve the problem.

By the way I watched a film (movie) last Saturday and it was fun !
The title is "Dangerous Beauty." Have you heard ? The womon who works as a police
is very strong like a man but she has to paticipate a beauty contest to do her
job. I really enjoyed watching it with my friend. We say "I want to be like

By the way in USA do people often use "ciao" like "hi" ?
When I watched TV drama Bevery hills some says "ciao". It is actually "hi"in
Italian. Every Italian people say "ciao " as you know. My friend 's father say

See you!


it's goin' on

 投稿者:Koji  投稿日:2001年 6月 7日(木)15時34分49秒
  hello guys

yes I know Universal Studio. Actually I've been there once and it was really good I think. Also USJ is near my sister's place in Osaka. I didn't ask her she's been there or not. I think she has.

Here in Berkeley the schools starts and I am pretty good AS USUAL. I don't care about lots assignments and homeworks. This is my choice. Actually it's so hard that I couldn't have time enough for some play. In the last weekend I went to san francisco for dance all over night and it was quite good for me anyway. All pressure on me was gone and I had nothing to think. I need this. well Let's say everyone needs to dance!! (kidding)

Japanese Culture is our attribution and I am so pround of it. However here's s thing. When we do some Biz(business) we have to focus on cross-cultural issues. I'm not gonna explain about all but on biz there are a lot of cultural issues as you know such as Equal Employment Opportunities. I am supposed to study not only biz techniques but also how to deal with these issues or how to get along with other cultural population. This is I think infinitive issue even we love each other. The movie Pearl Harbor is a good example.

take care and see you later

as usual !

 投稿者:kiyoko  投稿日:2001年 6月 1日(金)17時14分47秒
  Hello how are you ?
I am just fine as usual.
You always go out of Japan Koji. How about CA ? You mean Californiaright?
It reminds me of the TV drama Bevery Hills.
By the way I went to USJ in Osaka at the middle of May. 
It is just like in America somewhere. I enjoyed very much riding some attractions.
You can go to the real Universal Studiosso try it!

Then have nice days !

what's goin on?

 投稿者:Kojiメール  投稿日:2001年 5月11日(金)15時26分13秒
  hi hello how have you been??

well now I am now in Berkeley CA as some of you guys know (actually I am wondering how many people are checking this BBC). The school starts from the next Monday and I am so excited to going there 'cause I am going to learn new things and meet new people. Actually now I have nothing to do at home. I don't have any friends here and any relatives in CA now. Kinda bored but will be fine or....tired of lots homework and projects.....never mind!

We are now out of electric power in CA. If you save energy a big supermarket Safeway is going to give you gifts or something like that. Actually I don't know 'cause I heard that from my landlord but it sounds weird...

have a good one and see you on the net